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CGI Mini-orb / Mini-corro

CGI Mini-orb / Mini-corro

Item Code: CGI Mini-orb / Mini-corro
The visually attractive profile of CGI Mini makes it an ideal choice for use on walls, awnings, ceilings and soffits. It can be used as a feature, to break-up space or create interest. CGI Mini is popular for domestic use, and has also gained popularity within the interior design and shop fitting industry and its interesting profile can be used to great effect.

CGI Mini is available unpainted, or a wide range of single and double sided, pre-painted colours are available to compliment any environment.

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Form and Function

The low ribs that form the CGI Mini profile have a height of only 6mm, which enhances the materials visual appeal when it is used against flashing or capping. This low rib height also allows CGI Mini to have an 825mm coverage, which reduces the number of sheets that you need to install, and provides greater economy.

CGI Mini sheets have a maximum length of 6000mm and can be custom cut to suit your requirements. CGI Mini has a zinc/alum coating, and you can choose from three base metal thicknesses of 0.35mm, 0.42mm and 0.48mm. Each thickness has different spanning capabilities.

Typical Applications

CGI Mini is an ideal material for walling applications, as well as a wide variety of internal applications. CGI Mini is often used for ceiling work, because it can be easily transported and installed, and requires only a simple angled flashing to provide a clean, professional finish. This made CGI Mini a common material at the turn of the last century. While the product is still popular with renovators of older homes, these days, many architects and home owners are looking for something different. The simple stylish look of CGI Mini, combined with today's modern colours is an ideal solution for designers and owners with flair and imagination. Internal walls are brought to life with the addition of CGI Mini; interesting effects can be achieved when the panels are run at different angles, creating new textures of light and shade. CGI Mini is not suitable for roofing due to its low rib height. Entry of water through the side laps may also be possible.

CGI Mini allows the designer to add a stylised surface that is full of character with very little effort. It can be found applied to artwork, indoor furniture, fencing, as a cladding to enhance the face of a bar, and in both domestic and commercial settings. Used internally it is strong, has an excellent life span, and is easily applied with special ripple self-drilling and tapping screws.



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