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Sheetmetal Solutions DIY Tips

Article #1 Choosing a metal roof – everything you need to know

Installing or replacing a metal roof makes perfect sense.  Strong and energy smart, metal roofs look great and deliver outstanding, long life performance.  Available in a wide range of colours and profiles, metal roofs suit virtually any housing style and complement any building material.

However, choosing the right product is critical.  Poor selection can have serious consequences on performance, the finished look and on your back pocket.
Understanding the factors that influence a good result will help you to make the best selection........read more


Article #2 Polycarbonate Roofing – which one is right for you?

Polycarbonate roofing is a versatile material that is suitable for a variety of projects around the home Lightweight, exceedingly tough and resistant to ultraviolet rays, polycarbonate roofing makes an attractive construction material for decks, awnings, pergolas and greenhouses.

Understanding the similarities and differences between the different polycarbonate roofing products on the market will ensure you select the best product for your project.  Here are the key ones you are likely to come across:
Standard Polycarbonate Roofing

An affordable and effective sheeting with multipurpose uses for both domestic and industrial applications.......read more


Article #3 Gutter Guard – do you really need it?

People have different views on the merits of installing gutter guard (also known as gutter meh).  Here’s what we think:....read more


Article #4 DIY Carports – things to think about before erecting one

A carport provides great shelter for your car, motorbike, trailer or boat whilst providing an extra outdoor entertaining or play area.  If constructed well, they can add value to your home too.

Building a carport is a great DIY activity.  It is worth however considering the options as a marginally higher investment up-front can be worth it in the long-run......read more


Article #5 Understanding Whirlybirds 

Whirlybirds are a cost effective way to cool your roof space.  They remove a significant amount of heat from your home whilst reducing moisture and improving ventilation and airflow.

Whirlybirds are also known to assist with pest control.....read more


Article #6 Walking & standing on roofs

Not all roofs are designed to be walked on. 

Metal roofs are usually OK however sometimes they are designed to be “non-trafficable” (meaning they’re not designed to be walked on).  This should be noted on designs and plans however it is a good idea to check first.  You should also take into account the manufacturer’s recommendations about where to place your feet on the profile to prevent deformation.......read more

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